Flight information

Information on flights to Cuba

Traveling to Cuba has never been so easy with several major airlines that provide services not only to Havana but to airports throughout the island.  You can book directly with the following airlines: JetBlue (direct from JFK), United (direct from EWR), American (via Miami or Dallas), and Delta (via Atlanta). There are also flights on Southwest via Tampa.

Once you have booked your trip with us we can answer all your questions about flying to Cuba and booking the most appropriate flights for you to travel to Cuba. Contact one of our travel advisers at 1-800-347-1370.

Update December 1, 2020: There are only flights in and out of Havana Airport due to recent changes by the current US administration. We are confident that these changes will be reversed with the incoming administration in 2021 and US travelers to Cuba will once again be able to utilize all airports for their travel to Cuba.

Flights to travel to Cuba

Most trips to Cuba begin and end in Havana. Some suggested trip ideas you see on our website such as Week in Cuba or Uncovering Cuba end in Santa Clara which both American Airlines and JetBlue have flights from this airport. If you prefer to travel back to Havana, we can certainly create the trip as need it. The Explore Cuba trip idea you would depart from Holguín Airport in the east of the country at the end of your trip. Again, both American Airlines and Jetblue have flights from this airport.

Please note that when selecting your flights to Cuba, we recommend arriving in Havana before 2:00 pm on day 1, in this way you are able to take full advantage of your time on the island.