Cancellation policy

Cancellation policy

In 2021 or until the Covid-19 situation has passed, we will have a flexible cancellation policy. It is our way of empowering you to look ahead to your trip safe in the knowledge that if things change, you won’t lose out.
How does it work?
You make just a 20% deposit to secure your trip
You only have to make the final payment 60 days before your travel date
If you cancel, for whatever reason, we’ll return your deposit, providing you cancel at least 60 days prior to your departure.
Or you can move your dates without incurring additional fees
For those booking very last-minute travel or within 60 days, or who want to cancel or rebook under 30 days, we will still do everything we can to accommodate and support you. 
This flexible cancellation policy does not apply to the photography trips for 2021. The standard cancellation applies. We recommend participants purchase cancellation insurance.
Updated: December 3, 2021

After 2021 or Covid-19 or Our Standard Cancellation Policy
If the traveler cancels for any reason, he or she must notify Espíritu Travel in writing. The cancellation will be effective upon the receipt of the written notification via email at info@espí Espíritu Travel incurs substantial administrative and planning costs prior to the departure of a trip. Therefore, regrettably, if a participant cancels his or her participation in the tour, the following cancelation policy applies. All deposits are non-refundable.
If a traveler cancels 60 days or more before the trip start date, the traveler may apply this deposit to a later departure date within 1 year of the original scheduled start date, subject to space availability and if possible.   The payments for domestic flights will be refunded if available from the airline but is not guaranteed. This policy is not applicable to the Havana Imagined Photography Workshop or the Hidden Cuba Photography Expedition.

If a travelers cancels, 45-31 days or more prior to the scheduled start date; the deposit paid by traveler is forfeited. This policy is not applicable to the Havana Imagined Photography Workshop or Hidden Cuba Photography Expedition.

If a travelers cancels, 30 or fewer days prior to the scheduled start date, no part of the total paid including the deposit will be refunded. This policy is not applicable to the Havana Imagined Photography Workshop Cuba Photography Expedition.

No refunds will be made for unused portions of the trip for any reason.

Travelers are responsible for transportation costs to/from the destination country. The traveler is responsible for any airfare or other travel fees, charges, expenses or penalties that might result from any cancellation of or change in the trip, whether the participant cancels the trip or it is cancelled or altered by Espíritu Travel.

It is very important that travelers understand the cancellation policy. If it is not clear, the traveler should ask for clarification. Espíritu Travel cannot make exceptions to this cancellation policy for any reason.
Cancellations – Havana Imagined Photography Workshop & Hidden Cuba Photography Expedition

All payments for photography trips are non-refundable once the trip is confirmed with 6 participants. There are no exceptions. If you believe there may be a chance to that you will cancel, we recommend purchasing travel insurance.