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We have dozens of ideas on how to discover the Dominican Republic. Our travel experts will create a trip around your specific interests and preferences providing helpful tips and honest advice based on first-hand knowledge of the Dominican Republic.

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Our customized trips are carbon neutral and have been designed under responsible travel principles that prioritize experiences that not only enrich your trip but are good for the planet and the communities that you visit.

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Over the years, we have had the privilege of creating enriching and inspiring trips for our clients. What better testament to this than to read what they have to say about our service and their travel experience with us? 

Trips to the Dominican Republic, ideas for you

These are simply suggestions for the kind of trip you might have in mind. Yours will be customized until it matches your ideal trip. trip you might have. Yours will be customized until it matches your ideal trip to Cuba.

Travel to the Dominican Republic with us

Why the Dominican Republic?

The white and soft sand of its dreamy beaches makes the Dominican Republic the perfect destination for a «sun and beach» getaway. However, the Dominican Republic has way more to offer. Make the most out of this natural paradise by hiking its breathtaking mountains, getting lost in the beauty of its tropical forests or walking its cacao and coffee trails. Visit the colonial cities to get immersed in the culture of the country, dance to bachata and merengue or speak with its warm and hospitable people. We can promise you that, whatever you do, by the end of your trip you will be in love with the Dominican Republic. 

Why not just do it yourself?

Nowadays, anybody can get online and book a trip for themselves. What we offer is something else. At Espíritu Travel we create customized trips with the help of a local travel specialist to make sure your travel experience is authentic and meets all your desires and needs.

Once we know your exact requirements, we will provide you with a curated itinerary that maximizes your time on the island, figuring out all the boring parts for you so you can focus on enjoying yourself. Our timetables have a nice balance between set activities and free time, thus you get to know the highlights of the country but also local secrets to make your experience as authentic as it gets.

Traveling with us you will also get support during your trip.  We’re always there in the background. During your journey, give us a quick phone call for any recommendations or if you need assistance in an emergency.